Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Disneyland Approved!

Yesterday, brother and I finished up work as early as we could and took a little drive down to Anaheim. We were celebrating a birthday with my hubby's side of the family. As a reward for going potty in the toilet, our little 3-year old cousin got to go to Disneyland for his birthday. Now I know I don't need much incentive to get myself to Disneyland, but potty training is a big deal - and another potty trained kid in the world is good enough reason for me!

We decided to make sort of a family day out of it. We had a group of 3 kids and 6 adults and it was good hanging with the cousins outside of a holiday/wedding/church, etc. Everyone had lots of fun and my Sister-In-Law deemed us all Disneyland-Approved - A.K.A. we're not too annoying to spend a whole day with. Haha.

It was a totally different experience than I'm used to, since its been so long since I've gone with little kids. Of course, the excitement in their eyes said it all. They were most excited for the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. Adorable.

Of all the things I did that day, the dumbest, by FAR, was bringing my camera with no CF Card in it! Hubby even reminded me before I left to make sure one was in there - and as soon as I tried taking my first photo, I realized what I had done. I went to a Gift Shop and totally overpaid for a new one, but I figured you can never have too many. And I was able to capture some great shots of the kids having fun. Plus experimenting with some low-light photography once the sun went down was fun for me.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Great Expectations...

So the last couple days, I have been looking through some old journal entries. It makes me very sentimental for the old days. Not to mention very grateful that I took time to write some of these things down! Again, the memory - not so great over here.

Anyway, I was reading an entry from December 4th, I was 15. In church that day, we had talked about the ideal qualities that we wanted in our future mates and I recorded the traits I was looking for. Thought I would share a few of those, since most of them came with the man I got!

-Has goals and works hard to fulfill those goals.
-Is good with kids.
-Is good-looking with a cute smile and preferably dimples.
-Funny, sense of humor, can make me laugh.

-Educated so that he can make lots of $$.
-Loves to have fun.


-Very nice and sweet, loving.
-Can sometimes spoil me and the kids.
-Wants to have 2 or 3 kids.

-Faithful and loyal.

-An individual but not too weird.
-Accepts others easily, is easy to talk to.

-Mostly happy, but not afraid to cry.

-Can understand and comfort me when I cry (sensitive).


-Can cook and clean.

-A party animal. Just joking.

Well, I think that's it. Whoa that's a lot. It doesn't seem like a lot at first, but it is and there's probably things I haven't even thought of yet. Sheesh. He's gotta be one great guy.

I thought it was funny that I had those high expectations, even at such a young age. At that time, I figured I'd probably be married by 19 with kids by 21. Kinda glad that didn't go according to plan! I would have married the first guy I kissed! Anyway, cheers to my awesome husband. He lives up to everything I had hoped for and more - even the cute dimples. Lucky me!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Sex and the City

So it took me a couple weeks to find someone that would watch it with me, but I finally got to see the Sex and the City Movie! My sister-in-law took me last night - and it was her 3rd time seeing it! She warned me that I would love it, and I absolutely did!! I had my reservations because it was a TV Show and everything, and I just didn't see how they could turn that into a 2 and 1/2 hour movie and still make it watchable. But they did!

I was completely smitten with all the fashion. Studied the outfits from head to toe in every scene. And in the beginning of the movie, it was such a fairy tale. I leaned over and said "How can so much good stuff happen in 10 minutes?!" Of course, its not such a dreamy romance through the whole movie.

I think the main reason the fans loved this so much is because we've been so invested in these characters for so many years. I never saw the show when it ran on HBO, but I've been watching it OnDemand and in reruns for at least 2 years. And you just start loving those girls. So whenever something good or bad happens, you almost feel like its happening to someone you know. I know it sounds silly, but its sort of like what Friends did for people 10 years ago. You wanted to be part of their group. Carrie and Big were the new Ross and Rachel.

Anyway, great flick. As soon as it was over I was like "When does the DVD come out?" This will probably be one I watch over and over. As they say, get Carried away...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Wanted: Time!

So I spent the entire evening downloading photos from the past several weeks - had to clear off all those memory cards! It sure has been a busy month. Luckily I took pictures most of the time, otherwise I'd probably forget everything I did. Isn't that sad? I'm only 29 and I have the memory of an 80 year old. Anyway, here is a quick recap:

Six Flags
The Police in Concert
Bonfire at Huntington BeachSqueezed the heck out of my cutie nephewAte Thrifty's ice cream after going to the LA ZooSix Flags again
Watched this guy get cuter by the minute!Went camping, fishing and river rafting at Kern
My brother, sister and nephew came to visit. They planned to stay about 4 days and we turned that into about a week and 1/2. It was a packed house (or should I say a packed 2-bedroom condo?) But it was so nice having them here and its been a little too quiet since they left! Things are still moving along at work. Some of it is getting easier, since we have brought a couple new people on, so we'll see how it goes the rest of this month. So far, so good.

I just can't get over how quickly the time is passing. We are halfway through 2008! Our 2-year wedding anniversary is just a few months away! My sister's baby is almost 8 months old! I'll be turning 30 in 7 months! I guess we just better get used to it. Time certainly isn't going to slow down just because we want it to! Its sort of like I need more time to make time to do the things I don't have time for... ya know?