Monday, April 28, 2008

Lucky, Blessed, Happy - All Good Things!

Wow, it has been so busy over the last couple weeks that I haven't even read anyone's blog, let alone written in my own.

After my trip to Utah, I started my new job working from home. That has been fun and challenging. I thought I would be bored at first, but there really hasn't been time for that to happen! When I came on, we were a little behind on things, so I've been playing a lot of catch-up, especially before a whole new batch of jobs comes in next month. We have like 300 jobs pending! I sure didn't see that coming!

We've had to hire some extra people to help us out, so I've recruited my brother from Missouri to stay with us and be my assistant for a little while. And my sister in Utah is helping us build a database, so she gets to work from home too. It's really crazy and exciting the way things are working out. It totally reaffirms my faith and allows me to be okay with trusting my instincts. I was so scared to quit my job, but went for it anyway. And we have been so blessed and rewarded for just going for it! PHEW! Let's hope things keep on the up and up!

This last weekend was hubby's birthday and we had a blast celebrating his 29th. I think he felt really happy that so many people came out to party with him. Everyone was so sweet and generous. We are also so lucky to be surrounded with such great friends!

Do I sound a little TOO grateful?

Well, here. I'll tell you downer story too. I had some wisdom teeth issues come up - almost 4 months AFTER my surgery! A piece of bone got left in my gums somehow and got infected - it was horrible. But I ain't mad. I took some Penicillin and I'm all better now. As long as I can eat solid foods I will take it as it comes!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I Could Make a Washcloth Seem Fun!

I took my self-proclaimed Spring Break this last week and went to visit some friends and family in Southern Utah. Here's how it went!

Tuesday, I drove my Sexy Lexy all the way to Southern Utah. Yes, I've decided if you have a Lexus, you pretty much HAVE to call it that. Anyway, Hurricane - pronounced Hurri-cun - is a cute little town that I used to despise and have now grown quite accustomed to. They have a whole bunch of new stop lights and are building more homes by the minute. So its definitely growing, but still has a low-key, country vibe. I always have a blast when I go back.

First priority upon my arrival was squeezing the heck out of my nephew. He is seriously one of the cutest babies you will ever see. Every time you look at him he'll give you a huge smile. He loves being tickled and playing peek-a-boo. I don't know if he will ever recognize my face because I always have a camera in front of it. But I can't help it! He looks adorable every single time. I love, love, love him!

On Wednesday, we had a few plans. Glamour shots were first on the list. I wasn't sure what to think of that whole thing, but it was a gift for all the girls in the family. So mom, sister, and I all went and got fancied up to take some pictures. We can make anything fun, so there were lots of laughs and I think we actually got a couple decent shots out of it!

The real highlight of my day was going rappelling! I haven't been in about 10 years (when I was a good 15 pounds lighter) but the friends promised it would be fun and that they had good sturdy rope for me! I had a great time. There is something about doing a dangerous activity that makes you feel kind of cool - not to mention proud of yourself. I had one near spill when I hit a couple holes going down the mountain and my feet had no place to land! Mostly I got a good laugh out of everyone because I looked like such an amateur. Sweet.

Thursday was my relaxing day. I wanted to pamper one of my girlfriends who is about 6 months pregnant with twins - and what better way to do that than go get massages! Oh yeah. I helped myself to a body scrub/massage also, which was so nice. We had a great lunch and it was just so much fun getting caught up with the girls. I can't wait to do it again.

On Friday I baby-sat my favorite cutie for part of the day and got together with some other friends for a Sushi dinner. I know what you are thinking. Sushi in Utah?? I questioned it myself. But it was honestly delicious. They serve some amazing Thai food too. YUMMY! My nephew was such a good boy, but even so I will admit it was hard getting used to toting him around. I was the oldest of five kids and have never had a problem being around the little ones. But I have gotten used to doing things my own way and in my own time. So it was a challenge and a good reminder of how tough it is to be a mom. I definitely give my sister props for doing it on her own.

Saturday began the trek home. I made really good time (6 hours flat!) and reflected back on my favorite moments from the trip. If I had to pick the best, it was probably late Friday night when the family was just hanging out and being silly. It was past our bedtime and we just laughed until our stomachs hurt. And when we see each other laughing, it makes us laugh harder. My step-dad gave me the best compliment too: One thing about having you around is you could make a washcloth seem fun! I think its safe to say a good time was had by all.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Breaking Free

Ok, I had such a MOMENT today. It could've been the end of a movie, I thought. I had my exit interview, finished up some stuff at the office and headed out the door, saying good-bye to a few people as I left.

I got in my shiny, new car (well, its not totally shiny since it sprinkled a couple days ago) and rolled down the windows as I flew out of that parking lot. I had on my favorite sunglasses and my short hair was all messy, blowing in the wind. "I Want To Break Free" by Queen was playing on the radio.

As I looked in my rear view mirror and realized this was probably the last time I'd be setting foot in that office, I got a huge smile on my face and drove off into the sunset!

It was actually only about 2:00 in the afternoon, but the sunset thing sounded so much cooler. Anyway, I couldn't help but enjoy it...