Sunday, April 29, 2012



This statement was just made to me by my husband.  Yes, it was 5am. And yes, we were on 2 hours of sleep.  And we were standing bedside to our son, who may or may not have been screaming at the top of his lungs at that moment, after one of the worst bedtime meltdowns in history. {Barfing in his bed included.}

So yeah, Hubs has a valid platform.  Maybe the good Lord above is trying to tell us something.  One more kid like this and we surely will not survive.  The children might not either.

Just saying.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


New song from our beloved Dave Matthews.  Makes my heart go all a-flutter.

This song will be on the new album (out sometime later this year).  And I just got really freakin' excited for the show in September.  
Love, love, love.  

Don't give up
I know you can see
All the world and the mess that were making
Can't give up
And hope God will intercede
Come on back
Imagine that we could get it together
Stand up for what we need to be
Cause crime won't save our feet or hungry child 
Can't lay down and hope no miracles change things
So lift up your eyes
Lift up your heart

Singing mercy will we overcome this
Oh one by one could we turn it around
Maybe carry on just a little bit longer
And I try to give you what you need

Me and you and you and you
Just want to be free yeah
But you see all the world is just as we've made it
And until we got a new world
Got to say that love is not a whisper or a weakness
No love is strong 
So we got to get together yeah
Gotta get gotta get gotta get
Til there is no reason
To fight

Mercy will we overcome this 
Oh one by one could we turn it around
Maybe carry on just a little bit longer
And I try to give you what you need

Mercy will we overcome this
Oh we come to far to turn it around
Oh and asked too much to be a little bit stronger
But I want to give you what you need

Mercy what will become of us
Oh one by one could we turn it around
Maybe carry on just a little bit longer
And I try to give you what you need

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Does the day-to-day ever start feeling like this to anyone else?

It's been a crazy couple of weeks around here.
Hoping Stevie and I can be friends again real soon.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Another One Bites the Dust

The husband has caught up to me.  He turns 33 today.

He's the bomb, you guys.

Like seriously.

I have a crush on him.

He has been working his tail off the last couple weeks, including today. But we did take a time out last night to celebrate with our friends.  He got a little too drunk and made me laugh harder than I've laughed in a long time.  And he hates that he did that.  But it was good to see him let loose a bit.  He deserves the world.  He's provided us with a life I only dreamed about.  And I'm proud to call him mine.

Happy b-day dude!  It was a fun year.  Let's hang out sometime ;) Luv ya!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Weekend

The week before Easter was just madness.  Our whole building was getting fumigated for termites and we had to move out for a few days.  Glad that's over with.  Although I still haven't gotten everything put away.
Saturday we drove out to Orange County to attend a birthday party for 2 of our favorite little friends.
Sunday we drove out to Orange County to celebrate Easter with a bunch of huz's side of the family.
Monday we were tired.
Here are pics of all the fun.

Our place all suited up

Up to no good at the hotel

My two favorite knuckleheads at the birthday party.

He learned to clap!

Future trouble-makers, I tell ya.

Napping on Baba.

Agra-hadig (teething party) for Stevie.  The toy that he chooses symbolizes what he will be when he grows up.  He chose a stethoscope.  Future heart surgeon maybe?