Thursday, August 2, 2012

This Mom's Gonna Snap!

Don't forget that Dxeechick has moved! is the new site. 

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

dxeechick has moved!!!

After spending several (five!) years happily using Blogger, I've decided to upgrade my website.  The Dxeechick Blog has moved to

This Mom's Gonna Snap will be updated with the same type of stuff, just a new name and look.  I hope you will all join me there!  Bookmark the new page!
Thank you!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

CarsLand! #JustGotHappier

Wanna see some pictures of the cutest place ever?  A little place known as Radiator Springs?  Oh man, Disney.  You have outdone yourself with this one...  I'm kind of glad I chose to bring my camera instead of my kid.  (Mean mom alert!)

So my pal Heather and I had a cool opportunity.  As Annual Passholders - it sounds a little snooty, but AP's sometimes are - we got to go into the park before it opened to the public and see the newly renovated California Adventure!  And, more importantly, the all new Cars Land.  

Thanks Heather for being Koo-Koo with me!!
As you can see in the photos, it wasn't exactly a small crowd, but it was still kind of a special thing.  There was a palpable excitement in the air as about 1,000 fellow nerds waited outside the gates at 6:00 in the morning.  Heather and I were really close to the front of the line (that's what happens when you truly geek-out and wake up at 4am!) and we were making plans and eavesdropping on everyone else's.  The real draw of the whole park is Radiator Springs Racers.  Rumor has it that on opening day the line topped out at 8 hours.  EIGHT.  I did not type that wrong.  People actually waited in line 8 hours.  Holy crap. 

Now, if the ride hadn't broken down, we probably would have waited about 10 minutes (or less).  But you read that right, folks.  The ride was broken down before the park even opened.  We took our chances anyway and hopped in line.  90 minutes later, we were having the time of our lives on these fun new racers!  Absolutely loved it.  I'm not saying I'd wait 8 hours for it, but it is dang fun.

That was the only new ride we got around to, which is probably a good thing.  I have something to look forward to in September.  But little Radiator Springs itself was just fantastic.  Great thought and detail was put into everything.  We probably walked in circles 6 times just to make sure we didn't miss anything.

The new Red Line Trolley was great too.  Totes adorbz. (Did I say that right?)
It's true that The Happiest Place on Earth #JustGotHappier !!  

Monday, July 16, 2012

Kiddie Pool

I thought I had a genius idea when I found a kiddie pool at KMart.  Ten bucks and it was tiny enough to fit on the front porch.  With how much this kid loves the bath, and how much I hate going to the park when its really hot, I thought this would be our new summer thing.

The vision was clear: I would sit in a shady spot, soak my feet, & read a book while the boy would spend several happy hours a day splashing around.  We'd share an occasional smile, but he'd be too busy to really notice me.  Dave Matthews Band is playing in the background.  We are carefree and all the photos in my head are faded light and sunbursts.  Bubbles from somewhere float around our heads.  A toy would fall over the side, and I'd give Stevie a look.  Then we would laugh.  There would be butterflies too, I think.  Maybe a rainbow.

Granted, I never read, so it was a totally unrealistic dream...

This is his Pool Face 
Which has now been dashed.  We'll find something else to do I'm sure.  Or maybe he'll get used to it?  The first time, I knew it was too cold.  I had made the water warm, but not warm enough.  So after 2 minutes, he was wet and there was a breeze.  Not a good combo.  The next time, I made the water really warm so it would be like the bath.  I don't know why he doesn't like it.  I think it's because he knows the spit can't reach my face.

Any fun summer ideas you can share?  Please?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thanks Y'all!

As a kid, I was always pretty good about keeping a journal.  And that's exactly what this was meant to be when I started blogging back in 2007.  I never knew that it would eventually be something cathartic or a place where I would turn for support.  It's kind of a big deal to me, especially since I don't have many mommy friends.  And I don't have any friends whose children have had the same health issues - except for the lovely people I've met and talked to through the blog and other online resources.  It's weird, but now with over 400 posts, (and Blurb books to boot) its just part of life to me.

I woke up with a different attitude this morning knowing I would give the time-outs a rest.  The fact that I wouldn't have to fight with Stevie for hours on end took a huge weight off my shoulders.  I do often worry that he gets away with too much.  That he's going to wind up an out of control 5 year old that people can't stand to be around.  He already hits other babies and spits on people and is generally difficult to be around.  Oh, but when he's sweet?  Well, God, he's just the greatest.  But fear of failure as a parent can creep up pretty quickly.  

I blame a lot of my frustration on lack of sleep, but  I also think I forget how small Stevie actually still is.  We've been through so much the last 18 months that its hard to believe it hasn't been longer.  But he's barely been on this earth for the blink of an eye. There are things he's going to grow out of.  And other challenges he will put in our way.  Sometimes I remember the things that frustrated me 5 months ago and I wish for those simpler days!  HA!  I guarantee I will get annoyed with him some more.  In fact, he's being a little obnoxious right now, if you must know.  Haha! But I will try with all my might to keep the home as peaceful and happy as possible.

One thing that I'm becoming more convinced of is that Stevie's spitting might be a sensory thing.  What?  Like, maybe he's not just doing it to be a douche?!  He has a lot of "sensory things" so I am beginning to understand more about that.  We will try some chewy tubes and possibly a vibrating toy - uh, they make those for babies, right?  Maybe something like that will help.  His therapists will also address it and give me advice.  Everyone is willing to offer guidance and assistance.

Stevie getting "THE LOOK"
I just wanted to quickly thank everyone for all the supportive comments over the last week +.  I am grateful for every single kind word, good vibe and happy prayer that has been sent our way.  Keep 'em coming.  :)