Saturday, March 31, 2012


Not sure why I chose to do Black & White... Spring is supposed to be colorful!  Oh well.  Here's March!

Day #1: Up {Up-do for me}

Day #2: Fruit {Love These For On-The-Go Snacktime}

Day #3: Your Neighborhood {My Favorite Little Burbank}

Day #4: Bedside {There Are Still Maternity Books on My Nightstand}

Day #5: A Smile {Best Soapy Smile There Is}

Day #6: 5pm {Attempting to Bake}

Day #7: Something You Wore {Leggings & Boots}

Day #8: Window {Bedroom Light}

Day #9: Red {Ugh-ly Editing}

Day #10: Loud {The Rockin' Band at a Wedding I Shot}

Day #11: Someone You Talked to Today {He Makes Me Smile}

Day #12: Fork {Baby Utensils}

Day #13: A Sign {No Vomiting Dinosaurs Allowed?}

Day #14: Clouds {They Were Hard to Find, It Was So Beautiful Out}

Day #15: Car {On My Mom's *New* Car. Haha}

Day #16: Sunglasses {My Prescription Ray-Bans - Love 'Em}

Day #17: Green {Essie Navigate Her}

Day #18: A Corner of Your Home {Little Guy's Room}

Day #19: Funny {I Wish You Could Hear Him Cracking Himself Up}

Day #20: Before / After {Headband Curls.  These Did Not Work On My Hair}

Day #21: Delicious {We Did Not Consult Each Other Before Buying Girl Scout Cookies - Double of Everything}

Day #22: Kitchen Sink {Rear View}

Day #23: Moon {Goodnight Moon}

Day #24: An Animal {Gadoo Loves Himself on a Tee}

Day #25: Breakfast {Naan Bread with Lebne #drool}

Day #26: Key

Day #27: Your Name

Day #28: Trash

Day #29: Feet {Lost A Sock Somewhere Along The Way}

Day #30: Toy {He Doesn't Play With It So Much As He Likes To Beat The Crap Out Of It}

Day #31: Where You Relax {TV Junkie}

As usual, I can't believe this month is over and we're on to the next...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Breakdown of a Great Disney Day

8:00am: Wake up and play with the tyke for a bit after Daddy feeds him breakfast.

9:30am: Decide that since it's going to be such a lovely day, that we simply must make a trip to Disneyland.

10:00 am: Start getting ready.  Pack some food in the stroller, get my fanny pack ready, and give Stevie a bottle.

11:00 am: Start the drive.  Stevie sleeps the whole way.  Rock out to some grown-up music.

12:30pm: Inside the park.  Mickey and Pluto greet us.

1:00 pm: Find food ASAP.  The corn dog cart line is too long.  Hungry Bear cafe is the next stop.

1:15pm: The manager hooks me up with a free cupcake the size of my head. (Yeah, it pays to know people)

1:20 pm: Consume the best Diet Coke eva.

1:45 pm: First ride. The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.  Stevie is mesmerized.

2:00 pm: Bathroom break & diaper change. {Do we have to?!}

2:15 pm: Second ride. The Jungle Cruise.  Stevie gets splashed by water, which makes him cry.  But he recovers and laughs at the elephants.

2:45 pm: Do some window shopping.

3:00 pm: Head over to CA Adventure for the third and final ride of the day. The Little Mermaid.  Stevie is in love with Ariel and all the fish.

3:30 pm: Leave the park and walk back to the parking structure.

4:00 pm: Get on the road.

5:30 pm: After fighting a bit of traffic, we arrive home.  But Stevie is still sleeping.  Drive around the neighborhood for another half hour so he can get a longer nap.

6:00 pm: We arrive home and are both in a good mood after such a fun day.

We were only there for 3 hours, but sometimes Disneyland is just as magical in small doses.  And I didn't bring my camera for the FIRST TIME EVER.  It was great.  I paid more attention to my baby boyfriend.  We loved every single second.  No time for grumpiness.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Just wanted to show off the craziness that is Stevie's hair.  He's got a bit of a mad scientist look going on.  But I just love it!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Eye Surgery Postponed AGAIN.

So... Stevie was supposed to have eye surgery in January.  But as you may recall, that got postponed at the last minute.  We have been waiting patiently for his rescheduled operation this coming Monday.

This past week was spent at pre-op appointments and on the phone getting things squared away.  Friday morning, he woke up with green snot running down his face.  A cold.  So I spent the morning on the phone with his eye doctor, Children's Hospital, and his pediatrician.  Surgery would have to be postponed once again.


Since it's an elective procedure and especially because he has an underlying condition, he must be completely symptom free for 4 weeks.  No cough of any kind, no cold, no nothing.  Healthy as an ox.

So again we wait.  This time, we have to postpone until mid-June.

I am trying not to feel frustrated.  Everyone keeps telling me it's a good thing.  It's for a reason.  But my main concern is that his eye sight is so bad, it is delaying his development more and more.  Also, I'm a little sick of patching his eyes.  I'm anxious to get it done.

Not that I have much of a choice at this point.  So June it is.  Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Look who finally learned how to pull himself up on the furniture!  (Not an easy task, since there's not much to hold on to)  He looks so big!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Help. Me.

I need some advice from the awesome moms out there!

Does anyone have a kid who spits out every single bite of food at every single meal, every single day?  I DO! Lucky me.

Stephen's spitting performances have become quite a debacle in our home.  It is one of my main sources of frustration with him.  If I never had to spoon feed him again, it would be too soon!!

He has 2 different types of spits that he likes to show off.  One is pursing his lips together to blow raspberries and spattering the food everywhere.  And I'm talking EVERYwhere.  Blah.  The second spit type is when he just pushes the whole spoonful of food out of his mouth with his tongue.  All down his chin and the front of himself.  If he sees that I'm not annoyed enough by the spitting, then he starts putting his hands in his mouth and smearing the food everywhere.  If he sees that doesn't bother me, he takes his glasses off and puts those in his mouth.  Why?

He is a year old now and the kid is not starving, but only because I fight with him until he finishes his meals.  I feel like I've tried everything and can't figure out how to make him stop.  Maybe I can't make him stop!  If that's the case, I need to know.  And I will just have to suck it up.  I really don't want him to develop bad eating habits and while most days, I (barely) tolerate it, some days I just can't.  I can't stand it!!  Today was one of the days where I got so angry, I had to put him in another room so I could cool off.  That didn't necessarily help either.

*I've tried just saying "No no!" in every tone possible from sweet to sour.  But he hates hearing it so much, it makes matters worse.  He starts crying and spitting more.  Except now, there's snot involved.  Ugh.
*I have tried taking him out of his seat every time he spits and saying "All done!"  But it honestly just delays the inevitable and drags out the process too long.  I end up feeding him many, many, many times just to get through one jar of baby food.  Ugh.
*I have tried distracting him with toys.  He puts them in his mouth and food ends up everywhere anyway.  Ugh.
*I have tried entertaining him with Elmo videos.  This tactic works the best, and he only spits out like once every 3-5 bites.  It still is annoying though.  I turn off the video once he spits and he has to earn it back by taking "big boy bites".  Then he's good for a minute before it starts all over again.  Ugh.
*Praising every single good bite.  Somewhat effective, but highly annoying. Ugh.
*I've even waited until I think he's practically starving, but after 2 excited bites, he is back to his old tricks.  Ugh.

I wish this was something he did just when he was tired or in a bad mood.  But like I said, it's every single day and every single meal.  I have not had a break from it in MONTHS.  And I'm just frazzled.  If he was playing with his food and feeding himself, I have no problem with him making a mess.  But I'm almost convinced he does it just to piss me off!  I read a post on another blog where someone said "He's a year old!  How can you be mad at him?!?"

Well I'm here to tell you, it ain't that hard!

Please don't be shy.  Help. Me.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


You know I love a good photo list!

Day #1: Your View Today {love this thing}

Day #2: Words {let's go somewhere}

 Day #3: Hands {i hid the remote really well, huh?}

Day #5: 10am {putting my face on for brunch with ma girls}

 Day #6: Dinner {matloube - one of my favorite armenian dishes}

 Day #7: Button {s}

Day #8: Sun {at disneyland}

Day #9: Front Door {remembered to do this one very late at night}

Day #10: Self-Portrait {hahaha}

 Day #11: Makes You Happy {stevie's medz-amo, or great uncle, came all the way from san diego to visit}

Day #12: Inside Your Closet {just put all my hangers backwards to keep track of what i'm wearing}

 Day #13: Blue {setting up for stevie's valentine shoot}

Day #14: Heart {weird}

Day #15: Phone {what do you do with your old ones?}

Day #16: Something New {had it for awhile, but its still new!}

Day #17: Time {i need to wear these more}

Day #18: Drink {girls night in - wine, water, wine, wine}

Day #19: Something You Hate To Do {feed him when he's in a mood. ugh.}

Day #20: Handwriting {excerpt from my 7th grade journal.  there's some juicy stuff in there.  haha}

Day #21: A Fave Photo of You {as close to a perfect hair day as it gets.  then the wind messed me up!}

Day #22: Where You Work {editing away}

Day #23: Your Shoes {these went on the cruise with me}

Day #24: Inside Your Bathroom Cabinet {i may or may not have overtaken it completely...}

Day #26: Night {it was a battlefield}

Day #27: Something You Ate {rolos}

Day #28: Money {practically the only form of money i use.  swipe it!}

Day #29:  Something You're Listening Too {not surprising...}